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Math Tutoring

Get One-On-One Help For Your Child 
In-Person or Virtual     

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Beginning Math

  • Number Recognition

  • Counting

  • Number and Item Match

  • Patterns

  • Addition 

  • Subtraction

  • Skip Counting

  • Ordinal Numbers

  • Place Value

  • Money

  • Story and Picture Problems

  • Graphing

  • Time

  • Fractions

  • Division

  • Individualized Homework (Optional)

Pre Algebra

  • Whole Numbers

  • Roman Numerals

  • Integars

  • Pythagorean Theorem

  • Prime Numbers and Composite Numbers

  • Exponents

  • Square Root

  • Mean, Median, Mode


  • Exponents

  • Monomial, Binomials, Polynomials, Trinomials

  • Variables, Coefficients, Constants

Individual Tutoring
30 minute and 1 hour sessions available

Hourly  Payment


Hourly  Payment

$70 and up based on location

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Free Your Greatness Tutoring

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